Tune Thornton “I adored watching her for the MTV Diary when she are to try out doing together with her hair and you may make-up anybody

Aaliyah’s demise, plus her visibility, displayed me because the an artist is very humble because individuals that pick the right path will likely think of you for decades to come though it absolutely was once conference. [She try] some one very modest, very gifted, and a person who try thus innovative, doing everything we, musicians now last year, are trying to do.”

Keyshia Cole “As i discovered one to she [had] earlier you to definitely evening, I simply cried [while] for the trip bus. That’s incredible for somebody to own affecting into the other’s existence.I believe why they affected me personally plenty versus me personally knowing the lady is basically because she appeared to provides a beautiful heart. [You will find] some thing regarding the this lady soul. She linked prior to facts Tv, before any of that took place within day and age. It was things on her that generated your connect with the woman. She appeared like she got a pleasant spirit.”

These people were simply having a great time, laughing and you can trying to toward wigs. They shown she did not need herself also certainly, she got enjoyable.

All woman during my college and each intimately confused son realized the fresh choreography in order to “Are you That someone” shortly after including the third big date they’d heard of movies. They went you to hard. Brand new much time top into the several slits turned into the item. “Are you presently That someone” is a huge you to in my situation, the whole era try incredible personally.”

Monica “The first occasion We came across this lady, she are extremely quiet. Your [weren’t] getting a good amount of terms and conditions off Aaliyah inside the a first appointment. It requires much time for her to warm up to the people complete due to the fact she got that it shyness. From the this lady are amazed during the things I would personally state out noisy, when it was in interviews or whenever we was basically hanging around. She would continually be gasping to have air from the some of the issues that I’d say out loud. Whenever i are up to, if i spotted anything, almost any it actually was, she’d you should be during the surprise such, ‘I’m shocked that you simply asserted that aloud.’

We have not witnessed this lady throughout the style of chaos and you may soreness you to definitely she was at immediately after Aaliyah introduced since the there’s no replacing the kind of like and you will friendship you to definitely her and you will Missy got

I do believe it is good for individuals be aware of the edge of the girl away from tunes and know that this lady sounds try a meditation off the woman. If bulbs additionally the cameras have been of, one to same pleasant, mild-mannered, sweet identification, that’s just how she is actually. She adored so you can laugh. Laughs together with her and Missy [Elliott] had been past what individuals thought. Missy is the biggest jokester. It absolutely was the type of closeness where whether or not I look for Missy now I feel just like one thing is lost away from their and is definitely Aaliyah.”

Either people are very different compared to visualize it depict, but what I really like in the the woman would be the fact precisely what you noticed was her

Shontelle “I could find such of me within her since the she had it tomboy, tough-lady visualize but at the same time she is extremely flaccid and you can feminine. This lady vocals had been very white however, at the same time her lyrics were very interesting. They always touch your heart. Aaliyah just had it magic consolidation, exactly what many women hope to feel, that softness but nonetheless energy. The way she lost the girl lifestyle, it absolutely was staggering. They almost is like it would just be something such as one that may grab some one instance Aaliyah of you given that she try therefore good.”

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